Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Act of Random Kindness

In the movie, “Evan Almighty”, the main character was a Congressman who was chosen by God to build an “ARK” – a storyline parallel to the Bible story “Noah’s Ark”.

Evan suffered so many insult, rejection and abandonment for his seemingly forced obedience to the God who called him to do an unusual thing in the midst of a progressive and corrupt society.

In the middle of the story, he finally went to God and complained, “Why are you doing this to me?”  To his disbelief, God’s only response was, “Because I love you”. It was through these words that Evan was able to keep up and finish the job.  It was only after everything was said and done, when he finally understood the reason as to why God made him do what he would not willingly do at first.  The end justified his sacrifices and pains.

How many of us can identify with this situation in our life? We always want an easy, self-serving and comfortable life. How many of us prefer that no one gets in the way of our own thinking and doing, most of which (if not all) are self-gratifying if not self-seeking.

One thing we must never forget -- in everything we do, there is a greater call and greater purpose than us. It is more fulfilling, more rewarding and more satisfying. It’s usually more than enough for us.

Come to think of it, what if our forefathers did not obey a simple act of random kindness? What if we failed to forgive, to give and to look beyond our own need? Our world would not have been as good as we have found it. Can you remember someone who has shown you a random act of kindness, things that they don’t have to do but decided to do it anyway? How about that driver who let you pass by as you cross the street though it was red light for pedestrian? Or that police officer who flagged you down when you were speeding? Or that neighbor who called 911 when he heard a commotion in your home.

How about our spouse, children, employers, superiors who scolded us because we failed to perform as expected, because they knew that we can do an excellent job at it?

What if God just left us without conscience, conviction or a burden? What would we consider more fulfilling than doing what we are supposed to do as our morals and values dictate.

I would like to submit to you some thoughts:
  1. In any situation you come into, always look for a good purpose it will bring to you or to those you love.
  2. Do not give up on those who might have different thoughts about you or your situation. Remember that things happen for a good reason.
  3.  Forgive then forget, but learn from your experience.
  4. Choose to do good deeds in spite of. Doing good to others always comes back in manifold of good and more often greater things. It’s been recorded both in history and Bible stories.
  5. Endure until the end. You’ll see how blessed you are to be able to pass through exciting things and journey of your life. “The greater the challenge, the greater the fulfillment”.
  6. Remember those who came before us.  We remember those who did good things to others than those who just lived for themselves.
  7. Continue a lasting legacy. What you have now is a result of someone who decided to do something that have been passed on to you and that you have now received. Choose to pass on something good from your end.
Well, the overall lesson in life is that we never cease looking and taking every opportunity to do random acts of kindness to someone that the good Lord shall bring to us.  Who knows what impact your simple acts of kindness will bring to those you choose to touch.  The JOY of knowing that possibility, my friend, is PRICELESS!

Keep on Jamming In Life and make it worthy!

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