Friday, December 12, 2008

Today's devotion-Blessed to be a blessing

by Pastor Bong Gonzales

Deuteronomy 28:8
The Lord will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand to. The Lord your God will bless you in the land he is giving you.NIV

There was a man, who owns a "well" but he is so arrogant and selfish. Every time his neighbor would ask for a bucket of water, he will turn them away with nothing, for he said to himself; "this is mine and for my family alone. What if it runs out as I give some to them?" So he decided to put a cover and padlock it so that no one can get water when he is not around. Because of the attitude of this person, he has no friend and his neighbors hate him so much and even despise him. One day, while he was cooking, the fire got loose from his oven and caused the fire to consume his house, as he asked for help, his neighbor run to assist him and all went to the "well" to get water, but to their disappointment the well was covered and locked, so they just ended up, watching the man in his helplessness while all his belonging was consumed by fire.

An opposite story also happened somewhere, that a certain man, who just bought a new car, which is actually the only one in the neighborhood. His neighbors would come to him for any emergency and even for many kind of occasion to request and borrow his car, where he usually grants and lends without charge. Because of this, many loved him and became his friend. But because of overuse, his car broke down in just few years. He was not able to replace it for lack of money to buy a new one. After a while Christmas time came, then a knock on his door came that night. As he opened his door, there were his neighbors, singing to him Christmas song and after that gave him a gift well wrapped. As he open it, he found a key, with a note that says "During your time of blessing you bless us. Now that you need one we will bless you. The key is for your brand new car!!! Our gift to you!!!"

An old story, but that character still roams around, specially to those who have been blessed somehow. Whether we share it or hide it is our call and disposition, but let us always remember that we are "blessed to be a blessing". Let us follow the very example of our Lord who gave the best for all of us. He is the source of all that we have, and to Him, its always blessed to give than to received!

Let us look for an opportunity to be blessed as well as to be a blessing! May we become a "well" of blessings to many so that we can become a "Spring" of blessings before we can become an "overflowing fountain" of blessing!!!!

Expect to be blessed, because our God is a blessing God! But He expect us to be a blessing as well!!

God bless and let's share a blessing again next time!

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