Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Appetites of Man: A Must to Balance

If we could really examine mankind – the woman and the man we meet everyday, we will discover that we all have appetites, cravings or desires that can be categorize into four groups. May we find time to balance of all to be more fulfilled and happy.

The appetite for food – We always crave for food, this is where most of our funds are spent. We make sure we have sufficient for the next meal while still digesting the current one. If we will not learn to control our appetite and discipline ourselves in choices of food, it will become a reason for sickness and early death. According to some medical study, the number one cause of sickness is not starvation but over eating. I read in the Holy book that gluttony is a sin.

The appetite for material things (for money)– Most of the earnings we take are intended to buy or acquire something.  Regardless of generation there is always something that becomes the best seller. Man will not stop until he has whatever the latest in the store depending on his interest or hobbies. It could be from a cheap candy to an expensive car, a simple learning or a title. Most of the reason of wars, disputes and chaos are born out of covetousness. There is nothing wrong to desire to have the best in life. But when it becomes more important than people, family and respect for others, then it becomes evil. This must be managed.  It must not go beyond what we can afford.

The appetite for belonging – A social life that tends to become a sexual life. Socializing is man’s need. We do most things for the purpose of being accepted, regardless of the price we pay or even outcome to us. We want a friend, a companion. Someone we could share our life, for security, for fun or just for simple companion. The problem is when we become so emotionally attach that we forgot morals and virtues, we either become abuser or abused. This is why crime against person arise, relationships becomes abnormal because we become demanding, controlling and selfish. This must also be managed and put into proper balance.

The appetite for spiritual things – The unknown, the supernatural. We usually call it religion. All of man regardless of religious belief, believed in something. This is part of our appetite, which is also vulnerable for abuse. This is where, cult and occult is born. This is where the fanatics become a concern. Though like the three others above, when we discover the proper and the right one this will make our life morally strong and we will live in values that will guide all other appetites. The choice of what we will get involved with and believe must be carefully studied and decide with prudence and wisdom.

In all of these appetites there is a rule, a right foundation and guide, both by the experience of the olds and the discoveries of the present.

The bottom line is, choose what is right based on morals, health, peace and on the written law in our hearts.

I recommend reading the Bible for it covers all of the things that pertains to a man’s life, purpose and happiness.

We need it to have fun while we Jam in Life!

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