Friday, July 19, 2013

No Regrets?

by Pastor Bong Gonzales

“Every choice you make has an end result.”  – Zig Ziglar
During our trip to Rome, my wife and I passed by Barcelona, Spain where we met a 'long lost friend'. As we listened to his story, his life of struggles and difficulties, there was an obvious expression of 'regret'. Regret is a word that many of us could not avoid but we can lessen in our life existence, if we are careful with our choices.

But many times, we decide on things when we are angry, frustrated, wounded or simply overcame by our pride.

Regret is as deadly as cancer, as painful as wounds and sometimes it blocks all other good things that have come in spite of the situation.

I remember he mentioned, "I was deceived by those who convinced me to resign".

After our short talk, it dawned on me how difficult it would be for someone who has been carried away by the thoughts and suggestions of others. At the end of the day we just find ourselves out of the way, out of peace and have lost all of which should have been our joy, blessings and fulfillment.

Here's what I resolved:

I will not sacrifice my conviction to satisfy my pride.

I will submit my arrogance by recognizing it is not a virtue but destruction.

I will treasure the trust given to me by those who are above me and live with equal regards to those who are under me.

My choice should be guided by my principle and of morals.

And lastly, I will choose to pause, repose and pray very hard when frustration, anger and pride is overwhelming until I find peace and seek counsel if a decision is needed to be done. For only when we are at peace, proper judgment and decision can be made.

Now, when I come to realized that I did a mistake, I will do everything to make it right. The pious call it ‘repentance’, others simply call it a ‘u-turn’. Then to the things I could not change my mistake, I'll move forward and learn from the past, hoping that I will not take the same path of regret again.

May we find ourselves doing the choices that would lessen our regrets in this life if we cannot fully avoid it. May we become careful in coming to a decision, especially when it will affect the lives of many people.

May we Jam In Life with less regret…if we can't live without it.

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